At the time of this writing (August 2019), I have been technically homeless for exactly 1 year and 6 months. Coincidentally, the last year and a half has also been the craziest, toughest and most beautiful of my life. My fiance and I traveled around the World, not once, but twice and we’re not quite ready to settle down.



Why not? How many people claim to want to travel around the World? Not many do and that’s OK, it’s definitely an acquired lifestyle. My main reason to go on this journey is to avoid a mid-life crisis. My parents took me to some amazing places before I became an adult. Knowing what beauty the world has to offer, I knew I will regret not taking off and discovering some of them it. We all have just one lifetime and it’s going to be as much of an adventure as we make it. 

Also, the jiu jitsu! ATOS in San Diego, Renzo’s in New York, Absolute MMA in Melbourne, Carpe Diem in Tokyo. Those are just some of the top gyms that were conveniently placed in the itinerary. 

I will try to answer other questions, like WHERE, HOW, and more of WHY in my book, coming in 2020.