Throwback fight: Miha Perhavec vs. Eldar Yakuza

Check out my match with one of Europe’s best – Eldar Rafigaev. At the time of this writing, he is ranked #1 in the IBJJF rankings for Male, adult, black belt, nogi. However our match was in 2014. In Ljubljana, Slovenia at ADCC Eastern European open in the semifinals of the absolute division. Watch it and keep reading below to learn more about the match. 

I should also mention...

…that Yakuza and I fought again in 2017 at the hottest competition I’ve ever competed in – Spanish Nationals. No seriously, the temperature INSIDE the arena was 43 degrees C (110F). We also fought in the absolute semifinals and I had to tap so he doesn’t tear my foot in half with a toe hold. Make sure to catch Eldar in the ADCC Worlds!

Another wild fact about our match in Slovenia is that I tore my meniscus earlier that day, when I got inside heel hooked by a Croatian competitor, which was a bit of a surprise. The worst kind. It didn’t really bother me in the rest of the competition as I was pretty amped up, but I did end up having to have surgery. 

Hope you enjoyed this throwback match, I will be posting more.