Scramble BJJ Rashguard, miha perhavec

Scramble is a UK fight & casual wear company, established in 2009. I’ve been sponsored by them since 2012!

These guys sponsored me, when I was a BLUE belt, doing my first IBJJF tournament (Nogi Euros). Imagine being a freaking blue belt from Slovenia and also sponsored by what has always been your favorite jiu jitsu brand. That’s motivating.

Scramble is known for their design and customer service and they keep upping their game. For those reasons there’s not enough money in the world that would make me switch gear sponsors.

Keenan Cornelius is one of the most well-known competitors of his time. His website is also a subscription based emporium, but just for World-class techniques and concepts.

I was lucky enough in the past to be the uke for the Lapel Encyclopedia and a few Keenan Online videos. I can honestly say I learned a lot, just observing what Keenan was explaining. After the Lapel Enyclopedia recording, I dropped my whole judo & passing identity to start playing lapel guard, before everyone else catches up. 

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