Together with Sebastian Brosche of Yoga for BJJ fame, we recorded 2 instructional videos. They are available for order now. Find out more about them below.
30 Dirty Vol.2

In 30 Dirty Vol. 1, Sebastian Brosche showed the world his brutal variation of jiu jitsu, that doesn’t make him any friends in the training room. In order to share 30 of his most painful, barely IBJJF legal techniques, he need an uke. 

Miha remembered that he EASILY has 30 exceptionally painful techniques in his arsenal. This instructional video is the culmination of Miha’s revenge. In all seriousness it’s a good chance to learn 30 techniques that you will not find in any other instructional. All of them well tested in training and competition.

Some of the techniques included:  Punchsoto gari, Policeman wristlock, Straight armlock of doom, Footlock touch of death, Kani bisami, Rolling loop choke, Americana from bottom side, Shin on IT-band passing concept….

Watch one of the techniques shown for free. <– click

Krazy Kimuras


Sebastian and Miha have been using the Kimura to submit opponents since their white belt days and between the two of them they have managed to add their own unique twist to the submission system (and by unique we mean painful!). 

Anybody who has ever rolled with either Sebastian or Miha knows that the desire to tap often sets in long before the actual submission is applied. By buying this DVD you will gain the same power to break down your opponent mentally to the point where applying the finish becomes a mere formality

Watch one of the techniques shown for free. <– Sebastian’s favorite entry.

Original price = $36.92. Use the link below or code MIHA for 20% off.

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